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Non Asbestos Roofing sheet is a unique product manufactured in India. It is a corrugated cement roofing sheet reinforced with a blend of strong factory produced fibres including HIPP (High impact Polypropylene) and as per IS 14871.

These imported fibres replace asbestos and give your roof high impact resistance. It provides high sound insulation from rain and thermal insulation from heat, saving you huge costs of additional insulation.

Cement based non asbestos roofing sheets are used extensively in chemical plants or any of similar nature where the plant emits fumes and other toxics.

  • Non asbestos cement sheets
  • Long lasting
  • High impact resistance and hence virtually unbreakable
  • High heat and sound insulation

  • Used in chemical industries or fumes emitting industries
  • Industries, warehouses 
  • Industries which require heat and sound insulation
  • Industries which want to use cement based sheets but Non asbestos content

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