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Everest corrugated sheets are made from the finest quality of cement and fibre through a specially developed fibre orientation process. They undergo rigorous quality control � standards which are much higher than ISI � giving you a product of lasting value.
Everest Fibre Cement Couurgated sheets are manufactured at IS 459-1992. It offers multiple benefits.
Everest offers the widest range of accessories.

  •    Fire Resistant, Non- Corrosive, Vermin Proof, Consistency in strength along and across the sheets
  •  Dimensionally stable, Permanence without maintenance, Easy to fix,
  •  Economical, High strength to weight ratio, Matures with age, Low thermal conductivity- keeps insides cool,
  •  Better sound absorption - Less noise

  •  Industries and ware house
  •  Car parks, garage, sheds
  •  Low cost roofing
  •  Specially for chemical factories and industries

Everest Super colored version of cement corrugated sheets. It has superior surface water resistance properties than regular cement sheets.

Also popularly known as :
1. Everest super color corrugated cement sheets
2. Colored cement sheets

Standard colors available:
1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Green

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